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June 2018
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This week Martin and Lee round up the Golden Globes, Oscar nominations, this week's movie news and somehow end up on the subject of violent entertainment — which ends all too creepily. 

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Martin and Lee mark the beginning of 2013 with a heavy drop of movie news, opinions on Jack Reacher, Life of Pi and a potential outcome for a Frank Darabont-let Godzilla movie.

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This week Martin and Lee are joined by special guest (and gangsta correspondent) Lauren Jones. They all ditch movie news in favour of festive film chat, Gregorian calendar lectures, taking phone calls and creating their very own Christmas film featuring Jeff Goldblum. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Michelle Monaghan.

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This week Martin and Lee sing with the Dwarves, burp and discuss: The Hobbit, Star Trek, Another Day To Die Hard, Frozen, The Hangover 3, and more! 

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This week Martin and Lee discuss the new Star Trek trailer, Oblivion, Skyfall's relentlessness at the box office, Pan's Labyrinth: The Musical, Dan Akyroyd, trilogies and threequels involving Hobbits, the return of our predictions seqment and more, in what could very well be our most musical podcast to date!

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This week Martin returns from Spudland to chat to Lee about this week in movie news, featuring more Star Wars rumours, Star Trek, comic movie madness, Pixar's relationship with Mastodon, Skyfall's Box Office success, two Steve Jobs films, Game of Thrones, Jamie Foxx and tange(nt)rines!

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This week Martin and Lee kick back and wax lyrical about The Master, They Die By Dawn, more Star Wars, Sad Gandalf, 70mm, Pinnochio, Splinter Cell, Gizmo del Turbo and TV news! Warning: May contain ridiculous tangents including SuBo fighting Paddington Bear.

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This week the old gang are back again — Martin and Lee discuss the potential return of Darth Vader, Guillermo del Toro's Heaven Sent, Anchorman 2, World War Z, Alison Brie and predict the news they may miss out on this week! 

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This week Lee sits down with guest co-star Jonathan Atkinson to wax lyrical about Star Wars, Disney aquisitions, the misery of Rust and Bone, World War Z, Lee's love of procedural dramas, film composers, Skyfall, and more! 

Find the ownership infographic Jonathan mentioned here:

PS: The podcast was recorded in less-than-ideal conditions, so apologies for the intermittent audio weirdness, but I think it cleaned up not bad all things considered!

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This week Martin and Lee discuss Sim City, Skyfall, Mission Impossible, actor-turned-directors, Eli Roth, Matthew Vaughn, TV news and a little sprinkling of Halloween to the sound of refreshing elevator music.  

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