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This week Martin and Lee implode and discuss the Iron Man 3 trailer, Hugh Grant, the Awesomeness of Bill Murray, Assassin's Creed, Oldboy, Sundance London, the relevance of Shrek and more! 

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In an all-new, all-relevant Wednesday slot, Martin and Lee discuss Felix "McCoolname" Baumgartner's descent from space, Web TV, Maggie Smith's hate of kids, the return of Agent Coulson, the secret Tim Burton seems to be missing, Phil Mitchell's crack habit and more!

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This week, Lee and Martin discuss long films involving Hobbits, Bond themes, 50 Shades of Grey's Disney connection, Michael Fassbender and Disney's marketing material. All of this plus tangents, nonsense and some parting anger-filled life advice from Martin.

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This week Lee fights off a cold, Martin talks Who, and they discuss the week in movie news. (Apologies for the occasional mobile phone noises, we'll do better next time!)

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This week Martin and Lee return from a week hiatus to bring you stories of TV, the Emmys, Tower Block, Looper, Avengers, X-Men and more! Here there be dubstep. 

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This week Martin and Lee face the realities of a Breaking Bad-free podcast and chat about Transformers 4, The Avengers 2, Bad Sequel Names (and more!) while passing on some friendly advice to James Cameron. Also, Martin shares some of his ideas for films while Lee tries to improve them through the creative use of lampshades.

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This week Martin and Lee talk about Hobbits, depressing films, new TV and Michael Clarke Duncan. Martin also talks about Doctor Who while Lee falls asleep, but they are reunited in the end through their mutual love of Breaking Bad! And of course, tangents. 

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This week Martin and Lee restructure a little, sing a lot, and discuss movie news, The FP, Bad Movies and, of course Breaking Bad. 

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This week Martin and Lee don't record in a food court and chat about Breaking Bad, Spoilers, The Simpsons, books (!) and Tony Scott. There is also singing, outtakes and more! 

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Episode 4 — The Big Hitter

This week Martin forgets the recording interface, Lee freaks out, then has breakfast, then feels better. Recorded LIVE AND IN PERSON at the Food Court, St. Enoch Centre, Glasgow. Seriously.

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